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From & the Couch; Christine E. E’Connor

In an effort to retain our community advised and reduce frustration about essential subjects, I’m giving frequent updates and factual info on appropriate topics influencing the Howard County Public School Program (HCPSS). Recently, a great deal was noticed by I???ve about proms and senior week. Please share safety-related data with pupils and parents:

Prom Protection

We’re in prom season’s middle and all Howard County high schools present after- routines, financed by the colleges’ parent-educator groups. Both attendees -attenders are pleasant to participate in – festivities. Some individuals have been involved in boosting finances for these events through packages including the group- financed County Swim Meet.

The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) associates with HC DrugFree to promote alcohol/drug safety, and HC DrugFree makes presentations for parents & adolescents at high schools throughout the year. To advertise booze/drug-safety in the schools through their Youngster Advisory Team they contain learners. HC DrugFree vendors an HC DrugFree classification while in the HCPSS-financed HoCo Film-Fest (scholar-designed movie opposition).

Here are a couple of “Suggestions To Maintain Adolescents Safe on Prom-Night ” by Howard Region drug-free leader Webb Scornaienchi and guest blogger. And here are some HCPSS Assets for Parents worried about alcohol abuse and youngsters.

After School ???

I understand everyone encourages teenagers to ???play it safe??? during week actions that are senior. Similar to the Howard County routines, the sponsors drug-free and particular liquor gatherings in June for high school graduates enjoying about the shore. The Safe method web site has info for parents and individuals.

DrugFree Week kept : Staying Safe in Water City??? times for parents this spring. Verify HCPSS Announcement for ads of any additional periods.

There are numerous safety-related problems before parents consent to let their seniors to spend a week to consider, unsupervised anywhere. In the beach, we need to talk to teenagers about water safety, using crosswalks to safely mix roads, frustrating drinking and using protected activities and solutions, such as the $5 Elderly Week bus-pass in Ocean City.

Let???s work together to make certain students possess a healthy, secure and delighted stop for the school year.

Table of Training Members

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